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Replay #H2HChat Driving Ultimate Performance Between the CXO and Everyone Else

Technology has undeniably changed the nature of how we work.

During our past #H2HChats we’ve discussed everything from exciting innovations in collaborative tools to the shifting expectations within the field of customer experience to the expanding role of data in decision making.

Everything is so exciting and fast paced it’s easy to get swept up by it all. But as anyone who has worked in the business world for any length of time will tell you, putting all of this into practice is much easier said than done. So it’s no surprise that during every #H2HChat Q&A session, Suzie sees the same question: “How do we get buy-in from our executives?”.

We’ve decided to devote this week’s chat entirely to this incredibly important issue with our guest Michael Krigsman, host of CXO chat and an analyst of the shifting relationships and roles within C-Suite. Michael will share trends about what the executive positions need to do in order to shine in today’s technological world and, even more importantly, how that affects everyone in their companies.

So put on your thinking cap and start getting your questions ready now! This is going to be a great chat.

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