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Why Your Personal Brand Matters Now More Than Ever

Whether some people accept it or not, all individuals have a personal brand. It is those unique characteristics that make you, YOU – unique and outstanding in your own right. A personal brand is who you are and what you decide you want to be known for beyond how other people perceive you to be. As such, building a personal brand has to take a moment from you to define who you really are and who you do not want to become because like it or not, it also includes your weaknesses as a person. If you desire to make some adjustments to work on your weaknesses then, this is something you can do for self-improvement to be able to function more favorably with family, friends, and colleagues. But why do you have to work on a personal brand and why is it such an important endeavor in this time and age?

Personal Brand MattersIsaac Irvine is all about local business and is regarded as a cheerleader for buying local and empowering small business owners. He knows how much passion and effort local businesses invest into the products and services they offer and he shares this intimacy. His primary interest is in helping them build a personal brand by maximizing social media as a tool to tell their stories. He is also a great writer who shares his expertise in efficient business-building and generating productivity. He himself works at striking a balance between work and home life so he can relate well with other people in sharing how to make their own businesses grow.

Isaac is a Northern California native who moved to Phoenix a decade ago and worked for GoDaddy as a Social and Community Manager. His main goal is to help internal employees as they work on building and spreading their personal brand, who they are, as well as what they are really about.

In this Episode

  • What it takes to build your personal brand
  • How a personal brand should define who you are and what you want to be known for
  • The importance of authenticity in sharing who you really are to other people
  • How to engage social media attention by capturing videos or posting photos in the moment that people can relate to
  • How to deal with criticism and negative feedback as you open yourself up and your personal brand to the world
  • How to start out adapting the personal brand strategy as a company

Quotes From this Episode

[Tweet ““If I know you as far as what you do at work then I really don’t know you.” – Isaac Irvine”]

[Tweet ““The core to personal brand is helping people know what you’re about.” – Isaac Irvine”]

[Tweet ““Because if I don’t know who you are, I don’t care what you’re about.” – Isaac Irvine”]


Isaac Irvine

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