How Creating Content Got Me a Job on Broadway with Marc Ensign

by The BK Show Podcast

Practice Makes Perfect

Marc Ensign is a digital marketing strategist, keynote speaker, published author, and entrepreneur. He is on a mission to connect the world with those who want to change it by helping mission driven leaders build businesses that matter.

Before all of this, he is a professionally trained musician that found success on Broadway by being too dumb to know it was impossible.

After moving to New York City from Boston, Marc was on a mission to make it big as a bass player on Broadway. With gigs near-to-impossible to come by, he launched his career by stealing playbills, snatching a phone book from the bus station, and getting under the skin of nearly every musician in New York. Although he was initially disastrously unsuccessful, Marc’s dogged determination and unwillingness to settle for less led to a dream gig and some hard life lessons.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of content, humility, tenacity, and doing whatever it takes to achieve the impossible.

In This Episode

  • Why success means surviving getting hung up on and yelled at for a year
  • How stealing a phonebook leads to publishing an article
  • The power of tenacity and taking a chance with strangers
  • Why getting ahead means selfless acts to help others get ahead first
  • How a pinch of stupidity leads to overcoming insurmountable odds

Quotes From This Episode

“It was a psychological exercise in getting punched in the teeth.” —@MarcEnsign

[Tweet ““I was too stupid to realize I didn’t stand a chance.” —@MarcEnsign”]

“I had accomplished a 5-10year goal in about a year and a half.” —@MarcEnsign

“I am the only thing holding me back. Anything else is just an excuse.” —@MarcEnsign

[Tweet ““There is a way to pretty much do anything if you can find the right route.” —@MarcEnsign”]

“If I don’t have what I want, chances are it’s because I didn’t do something right or do something how I could have done.” —@MarcEnsign