Fernando Anzures: The Experience Marketing Model

by The BK Show Podcast

Real Marketing for Real People

Fernando Anzures, founder and CEO of Liquid Thinking Latam, wants marketers to become more human. After 18 years working in high level marketing positions for Phillip Morris, Red Bull, and Coca-Cola, Fernando took the entrepreneurial path and has built a number of successful businesses using the experience marketing model.

Fernando believes brands spend far too much time catering to online influencers and trying to win social media. He has embraced the experiential consumer and says the secret to conversion and sales lies offline with real people and real experiences. With the success he has seen as an award winning author, highly regarded keynote speaker, and prolific conference producer, he just may be right.

Listen in as we discuss creating a 360º experience, influencer marketing, community building, and how to find your competitive advantage.

In This Episode

  • How previous work experience can inform your current business decisions
  • How creating real life experiences leads to brand ambassadors
  • Why improving marketing efforts means looking beyond the online influencer
  • Why every detail is important when creating a 360º experience

Quotes From This Episode

“Influence is coming from every single person that exists on earth.” —@fanzures

[tweet ““If you want to convert, you have to become more human.” —@fanzures”]

“The moment that you create a different experience, people want to be part of it, they want to join that.” —@fanzures

“We have to understand that it’s not just about online.” —@fanzures