Finding the Funny with @GaryScottThomas

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In This Episode

  • Making the choice to do something fun for a living
  • Breaking the family cycle of poverty
  • One-degree shifts are significant
  • Finding the awesome in every day

Quotations From This Episode

“Drastic isn’t sustainable. Make small shifts.” — .@GaryScottThomas  

“You don’t know what this year brings.” — .@GaryScottThomas  

“The future is coming whether you like it or not.” — .@GaryScottThomas  

“It’s not the kite that flies, it’s the string.” — .@GaryScottThomas

Biographygary scott thomas

Gary Scott Thomas is a country music DJ, collector of stories, conversationalist, and a thinker.

Gary is from the proverbial pin dot on a map, Florala, Alabama, where he found his life’s career at the age of 13 when he got his first radio job. He has worked in Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, New Mexico, and has been waking folks up in northern California since 1991 as the morning host at KRTY-FM in San Jose.

Gary has interviewed actors, athletes, politicians, scientists, authors, and a lot of singers. You can catch his weekly podcast “The Gary Scott Thomas Show: Here’s What We Know” at:


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Summary Keywords

choices, perspective, small shifts, positivity, humor


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