Making Connections with @JeffPulver

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Lonely at 9 years old and looking for a way to make friends, Jeff was introduced to amateur (ham) radio by his uncle. This changed his life and led to one of his lifetime achievements of helping to change the way the world communicates.


In This Episode

  • The afternoon at 9 years old that changed Jeff’s life
  • Phone patching
  • Creating the first phone network that ran on the internet
  • Early exposure to entrepreneurship
  • Learning to have fun in different ways
  • Appreciating the magic of life
  • Lessons from dad, his biggest fan
  • Find ways to appreciate and increase serendipity and synchronicity
  • Forming the VON Coalition
  • The passing of The Pulver Order by the FCC in 2004
  • Finding grounding under a clear, unpolluted night sky
  • Continuing his interest in making connections with passion-based marketing

Quotations From This Episode

“What I accidentally did is I created the first phone network that ran on the internet.” –.@jeffpulver

“My parents facilitated the creativity of myself, my sisters as kids; we were encouraged to be creative, to explore dreams.” –.@jeffpulver

“I learned to listen to myself; to not allow other people to direct me.” –.@jeffpulver

“It was about being comfortable with who I am, and who I’d become.” –.@jeffpulver

“As you get older, you appreciate the wisdom of your parents.” –.@jeffpulver

“One of the core values: that if you don’t know you can do something, anything is possible. Nothing is impossible.” –.@jeffpulver

“Find ways to increase the frequency of serendipity and synchronicity, so that you’re creating meaningful connections that last a lifetime.” –.@jeffpulver

”Being lucky is okay. You can be smart also but accept the fact that you can be lucky.” –.@jeffpulver

“I just… built my own culture, had some fun, learned that if you bring together people who have a shared common interest and provide them a good experience, they’ll come back.” –.@jeffpulver
“I kind of had an impact on the way the world communicates, really, because I wanted to help the world connect.” –.@jeffpulver

“Sometimes it’s not about the trying, it’s about the doing.” –.@jeffpulver

“It’s about not tearing yourself down. It’s about just being there to breathe and be who you are.” –.@jeffpulver

“What I like to do is to help facilitate those connections because they become priceless.” –.@jeffpulver


Jeff Pulver helped change the way the world communicates. The passing of The Pulver Order by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2004 helped set the stage for a world, where today consumers can communicate openly and freely.

Jeff is an Internet Pioneer in the field of VoIP: Founder, Co-Founder Vonage, a number of other companies including most recently ZULAconnect. Jeff is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Oracle, Futurist, Advisor, and Astrophotographer. During 2020 Jeff has launched a number of Internet TV Talk shows including: The Conversation, The Soundtrack and Ask The Oracles. Jeff also hosts real-time passion-based networking communities known as Zula.


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