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How to Select the Ideal Coach for You

In business, we’re all works in progress. That means that even the most refined leaders and executives can use a little objective guidance from a business coach. You’re on the right path if you’ve been considering hiring a coach to help you steer your operation.

You still might be unclear about how to go about choosing the ideal coach for you, however. While that’s a real fear for someone new to the realm of coaching, it’s quite easy to overcome. Here’s how you align yourself with the perfect coach for your needs:

Use a Consumer’s Mindset and Strategy

Since you’re a business professional, you already know how a consumer’s mind works. Therefore, you must integrate a consumer’s shopping strategy into your plan to find the right coach. Ask yourself these three questions before you start looking for someone:

  • What skills do I need?
  • What results do I want?
  • Who will I trust to help me gain them?

Write down a list of qualities that you want your coach to have and areas of focus where you want him to be proficient. Think about the result you want to achieve and go from there. 

Make Sure You’re Coachable

Coaching is a service that can only work if you’re coachable. You must be humble enough to accept that your business tactics might be less than perfect, and you can’t allow your pride to get in the way of accepting help from another human being. Your business coach should be someone that you have faith in and hold in high regard.

The coach that you choose must also feel as though you’re malleable and flexible enough to absorb and utilize everything he has to offer you. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if you’re genuinely ready before you leap into a coaching relationship. You have to be 100 percent certain that you’re prepared to invest in yourself

Research Your Candidates Thoroughly

You have to be willing to invest some time into researching prospective coaches if you want to get the best fit. That means you need to gather information about each candidate’s educational background, areas of expertise, achievements, and accolades.

Conduct the same kind of search that you would do on a prospective employee or business partner. Find out everything you can and ensure that you can verify such information. Narrow down your choices by eliminating providers who don’t meet your criteria for coaching services.    

Obtain Third-Party Confirmations

Third-party confirmation is always crucial to the decision-making process, no matter what service or product you need. You should always seek guidance from third-party sources who have had hands-on experience with a potential service provider.

Read consumer reviews to see what they have to say about your prospective executive coach. Search to see if the coach has won awards from prominent organizations.

Check social media pages to see if the potential coach has a lot of followers and admirers. All such information can help you to make your final decision on hiring the right provider for your needs. 

Check the Chemistry With a Consultation 

Your final step in finding the right coach is to speak with the person you are considering. Contact the provider and ask for a consultation or a one-on-one to see if the two of you have chemistry.

Chemistry is vital to starting a new coaching relationship. It isn’t easy to succeed if a coach and client don’t mix. Thus, you have to take that last step before you seal the deal. You’re free to hire your new coach if your meeting generates a spark. 

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