Shifting Your Focus with @hendrecoetzee

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In This Episode

  • The importance of boundaries
  • Diverting energy
  • Shifting your focus to the issue
  • Being an ever-student
  • Surrendering to change

Quotations From This Episode

“Match. Pace. Lead.” — @hendrecoetzee

“Be soft on the people and hard on the issue.” — @hendrecoetzee

“Don’t personalize other people’s issues.” — @hendrecoetzee

“Create from imperfectly perfect moments.” — @hendrecoetzee

BiographyHumanly Possible Cover Art - Episode 14 - Hendre Coutzee

Hendre Coetzee is a Transformation Specialist. His work as a speaker and executive coach has allowed him to address executives, boards, teams, and entire organizations on the subjects of the Future of Work, How Technology can enable Humanity, Transformation and Change, Unlocking Potential, and Resilience.

He has over 20 years of experience within the corporate domain, realms of social justice, non-profit and relief, and development work across the globe. He has provided transformational work in over 50 countries and has guest lectured at a number of universities including the Harvard Faculty Club multiple times on the Neuroscience of Change and Transformation.

Hendre’s experience varies from working as a facilitator for the integration between black and white youth in post-Apartheid South Africa to negotiating mergers for large financial institutions and developing performance-training modules for High Performing Traders on the NYSE and NASDAQ. He has facilitated transformation processes for multiple companies and leaders embarking on a reset and build process.


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