Injecting Humor Into Business With David Nihill

by The BK Show Podcast

There’s a joke in there…somewhere.

David Nihill, founder of FunnyBizz and bestselling author, has transformed businesses through the unconventional application of humor. He’s on a mission to rid the world of boring content, one funny story at a time.

With no prior experience, David pretended to be a stand-up comedian for a year, just to get over his fear of public speaking. He crashed comedy clubs, infiltrated festivals, and put on shows without a sliver of training. Since then, he has turned his learnings as “Irish Dave” into the best selling book Do You Talk Funny?, contributed to publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Inc., and has helped numerous businesses and individuals find their comedic voice.

Listen as we discuss how to create funny content, why some TED talks are funnier than your favorite comedy movies, and how stories can save your boring presentations.

In This Episode

  • How businesses can use humor to tell their brand story
  • How to tell funny stories without sounding like you are trying to be funny
  • How creating a community of humorists has led to better content
  • How to use humor without offending people

Quotes From This Episode

[tweet ““So many of the speakers just make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork.” –@FunnyBizzSF”]

“I was basically trying to break down comedy and explain it in a structure that business people could understand.” –@FunnyBizzSF

[Tweet “”All of a sudden even the larger organizations are realizing that they don’t have just one brand voice.” –@FunnyBizzSF”]

“You’re always going to be making fun of something, to some extent, a little bit, but you never want to make fun of somebody in a position of weakness.” –@FunnyBizzSF

“The only people that ever say humor is risky don’t use humor professionally, it’s not their job, they don’t know how to do it, they don’t know how to structure it.” –@FunnyBizzSF

“No matter what I was doing in a job, I was always trying to make it a little bit more entertaining.” –@FunnyBizzSF