Jay Kuhns on Personal Brand Building Within an Organization

by The BK Show Podcast

Branding and Recruitment

Jay Kuhns is a “Type A” leader who understands that personal branding combined with the right recruitment strategy can make or break your business.

With nearly two decades of HR experience in the healthcare industry, Jay is not your typical human resources guy. He is all about high energy, creativity, strong personal connections, and making changes that push organizations forward.

He is a strong proponent of utilizing your personal brand within your organization to improve recruitment, retainment, and workplace culture. He has traveled extensively to give talks on how to build your personal brand both within organizations that are open to employee self-expression and those that are bit more cautious or opposed to taking that risk.

Listen in as we discuss how Jay teaches and trains people within organizations on how to build their best personal brand and drive their business to success.

In This Episode

  • How trusting your employees leads to a transformation in your business’ success
  • Why attracting top talent means having an updated and contemporary social presence online
  • How your personal brand directly impacts your organization’s success
  • Why goal setting is holding you back
  • Three steps to revolutionize your recruitment

Quotes From This Episode

“Most organizations lack one major thing and that is trust of their employees.” —@jrkuhns

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Everyone who is going to come work for you is going to check your LinkedIn, google you, and find out if you’re legit or not.” —@jrkuhns

“There is no other space. It’s only digital.” —@jrkuhns

“You can never think big enough. No matter how hard you try, you’re never thinking big enough.” —@jrkuhns