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Impacted by an early networking lesson from his father and the examples set by good bosses, Stuart has taken his executive leadership roles from Hilton, Hennessey, and Top Golf very seriously over the years and learned to appreciate the little differences between locales, cultures, work, and life.


  • A modest gift from his grandmother that sparked a new interest
  • The story behind how Stuart got into the wine business
  • How a networking lesson from his father helped Stuart land his first job as a college senior
  • Working his way up through the marketing ranks with brands like L’Oreal and Hennessy
  • The impact of having good leaders and bosses as role models
  • A pivotal moment that shifted Stuart’s mindset on how he thinks about leadership
  • Appreciating the little differences between locales and cultures
  • The marketing/branding business project Stuart is most proud of
  • The next phase: working with Chief Outsiders as a Fractional CMO

Quotations From This Episode

“I opened the wine and this little thing, all of a sudden just went off in my head like, oh my god, this is amazing.” .@hstuartfoster

“What I came to realize later was how much wine brings people together.” .@hstuartfoster

“When I put my mind to something, I just, I’ve never let anything get in my way.” .@hstuartfoster

“It’s been having good mentors and leaders myself to see what a good boss is like.” .@hstuartfoster

“Having an entirely Japanese team reporting to me, really made me think about how I operated as a leader, because I had to lead them, I had to guide them.” .@hstuartfoster

“For me to accommodate all of that moving, it required… understanding what’s the same, and what’s different, and separating those two things.” .@hstuartfoster

“I don’t subscribe to this idea of work life balance. It’s all life.” .@hstuartfoster

“If it’s not personalized, why have a relationship with a brand or company?” .@hstuartfoster

“I love bringing clarity to chaos. That’s what my superpower is.” .@hstuartfoster


An innovative leader with world-class digital and experiential capabilities, Stuart Foster transforms global brands and businesses to achieve revenue, profit, and market share growth. A proven team builder with the ability to deliver results, he leverages consumer insights and analytics with his deep functional skills across business disciplines. As a trusted partner in managing difficult business challenges, Stuart finds new opportunities for growth, revitalizes mature brands, creates new brands, and leads high-performing, cross-functional teams through transformational change in both private and public companies.


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