Lifestyle Hacks with Tony Wrighton

by The BK Show Podcast

Switching Off

Tony Wrighton, creator and host of the top-rated Zestology podcast, has a lot on his plate. In addition to podcasting, Tony is a personal development author and presenter, NLP linguistic skills expert, and sportscaster on the Sky Sports Network in the U.K. With such an exhaustive resume, it’s a wonder that he has any time to do anything but work. Luckily he has learned some techniques to increase his energy, and wants to share them with you.

After contracting a mystery virus in 2014 that sidelined him from his career for three months with fatigue, Tony decided to focus on improving energy, vitality, and motivation in himself and others. He realized that one of the main reasons that people experience malaise and fatigue comes from always being switched-on, and as a result, never fully operating at a peak level. His suggestion: Switch Off.

Listen in as we discuss the transition from media personality to personal development guru, increasing energy, lifestyle hacks, and public speaking calming techniques.

In This Episode

  • How switching off can increase energy and productivity
  • How tracking your activities can lead to better health and wellbeing
  • How meditation techniques and good posture can soothe your nerves for public speaking
  • Why obsessing over details can negatively affect your work/life

Quotes From This Episode

“Conventional doctors, even though they were well-meaning, just couldn’t help me.” —@tonywrighton

“I think a lot of us opperate at such a high kind of adrenaline level that we never allow ourselves to decompress, to switch off.” —@tonywrighton

“The mind is only designed to focus on one thing at once, but our phones our made to grab our attention.” —@tonywrighton

[Tweet “”Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and let it all happen.” —@tonywrighton”]

“Before you know it, you’ve been sucked into the email vortex.” —@tonywrighton

“When I switch off for 8 hours or more, my energy levels go up 20%” —@tonywrighton