Creating Human Moments with Liz & Nicole from @HauteDokimazo

by Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast


In This Episode

  • How bringing simple human moments into an event format makes all the difference
  • The five C’s of Haute Dokimazo
  • Caring
  • Conversation
  • Co-creation
  • Collaboration
  • Connection
  • Being a 3D human in a 2D world is the thing people are craving more than anything.

Quotations From This Episode

“You can HD your life.” — @hautedokimazo

“It’s not what we add, it’s what we take away.” — @hautedokimazo

“Being open to what the result will be… that is the purpose.” — @hautedokimazo

“As long as we have movement, we don’t have to arrive at a certain something.” — @hautedokimazo

OUR STORYHumanly Possible Cover Art - Episode 18-Liz, Nicole

“The Hauties” have been HDing their way across the country helping corporations and industry icons rethink their employee and client engagement. For decades, the formula has been: how many people can you cram into a ballroom (more and more success!), bore with a PowerPoint and pretend to inspire with an overpriced keynote speaker.

HD is anything but that. Instead, you’ll find inspiration from other participants in small sessions, sharing problems, and solutions that will change the way you work. The facilitators share their best practices, then the participants get to share theirs, too. Questions happen throughout the session, and conversation is ongoing. It’s like having a coffee break for a full hour, dedicated just to the topic you wanted to learn and share about.


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