Be a Dick, Change the World with @MarcEnsign

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In This Episode

  • Making the shift from “feeling small” to “it doesn’t matter what people think”
  • How micro acts of kindness can be life changing
  • Being more aware to be a better person

Quotations From This Episode

“I’ve decided that this is how I show up.” — .@marcensign

“You know when you’re not kind and you know when you’re kind.” —  .@marcensign

“Be a lot more observant of other people.” —  .@marcensign

“What can I do today that would be kind?” —  .@marcensign

BiographyMarc Ensign

Marc Ensign is a prolific storyteller, creative marketer, and accomplished musician. After spending more than ten years playing bass in the Broadway show Rent, Marc learned that he had a gift for marketing and a desire to leverage that gift to change the world. The result is LoudMouse, a branding and marketing agency that specializes in turning big ideas into worldwide movements. One of those big ideas is Marc’s new book entitled Be a Dick: How One Person Can Change the World in the Most Unexpected Way which is shifting the way people see the impact they can make on others.


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Summary Keywords

kindness, awareness, leadership, vulnerability


Marc Ensign, Bryan Kramer