Molly Roman and the Tough Path to Success

by The BK Show Podcast

The Importance of Intention

Molly Roman’s mission in life is to inspire, motivate, and support others as they achieve their goals.

As the founder of Verge of Greatness, she has dedicated her career to lending good insight and helping people along their path to success. In this spirit, she has authored a book to aid her followers in discovering their true potential and creating a brilliant life through faith, hope, and love. She also has a project that follows five women over five years that fearlessly share their stories for interpretation into inspirational and instructional articles.

Drawing additional inspiration and motivation from obstacles in her own path to success, Molly is the Life Coach you want in your corner when the going gets tough.

Whether it’s her articles, self-help book, or Life Coaching process, she provides the guidance you need to break free and break through to what you want.

Listen in as we discuss building a life that you’re happy with, sources of inspiration and support, and overcoming the challenges to finding success.

In This Episode

  • The importance of family support in building your business
  • Why achieving your goals means keeping a love intention and ditching the ego intention
  • How joyfully made decisions lead to your desired outcome
  • Why achieving success means overcoming failure, keeping positive, and learning from yourself

Quotes From This Episode

[Tweet ““Our intentions impact our results or circumstances.” —@V_of_G”]

“When you fail from an ego intention, you get frustrated, discouraged, and you want to quit.” —@V_of_G

“I focus on being available whenever I can to help somebody.” —@V_of_G

[Tweet ““Be consistent so you keep momentum going.” —@V_of_G”]

“As long as I’m impacting somebody, I am successful.” —@V_of_G

“Do not make a decision unless you are happy or joyful because decisions made when we’re tired or things are just ok, typically drive you further away from your end goal.” —@V_of_G