Shifting Your Words with @philmjonesuk

by Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast


In This Episode

  • Minor reinventions opening international doors
  • What switch to make at the end of your speeches
  • Convincing by positioning through a 3rd party
  • Determining your worth

Quotations From This Episode

“In any given argumentative scenario…If you enter into that conversation allowing the other person to save face, you’ve diffused the argument before it was even an argument.” – @philmjonesuk

“If you’re not convinced, you can’t convince.” – @philmjonesuk

“Often you don’t realize you’ve gotten good at something until years after you’ve gotten good at something.” – @philmjonesuk

BiographyHumanly Possible Cover Art - Episode 9 - Phil M Jones

International Business Speaker, Author of Exactly What to Say, Exactly How to Sell and Exactly Where to Start

Phil M. Jones is a best-selling author of Exactly What To Say, Exactly How To Sell, and Exactly Where To Start. He had his first business at just 14 years of age and is the youngest recipient of the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing award. To date, over two million people, across 59 different countries have benefited from his lessons, and as a result, they now know exactly what to say, when to say it, AND EXACTLY how to make more of their conversations count.


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