Staying Above the Noise With Carrie Morgan

by The BK Show Podcast

Pausing For Conversions

Top 1% influencer Carrie Morgan is a digital public relations professional who specializes in digital PR – the intersection of public relations, content marketing, social media and SEO.

When she isn’t wrangling journalists, herding cats, and putting out fires for Rock The Status Quo (her PR firm), she moderates one of the largest public relations Twitter chats in the U.S., #PRprochat, and is a co-moderator of the 1,000 member Facebook Group for PR pros and journalists, @PhoenixPRPros. She’s also a left-handed bookworm who once taught a swami to roller-skate.

Carrie is a 20+ year veteran of agency and corporate marketing. Her expertise has delivered impressive results for companies such as American Express Financial, Silver Sneakers, Keller Williams, Fidelity National Title, Sage, Better Business Bureau, Caremark CVS and

Her latest book, Above the Noise, details how to build an online presence based on clarity of messaging, positioning, and target audience – then use that clarity to create trust, value and reputation.

Listen in as we discuss how to achieve and define success by rising above the noise with your clients.

In This Episode

  • The importance of building a platform before writing a book
  • Why marketing skills are not necessarily translatable to other products
  • How rising above the noise is about more than just visibility online
  • Why integrating a wide variety of PR tactics doesn’t mean allocating a lot of resources to marketing
  • How pausing your marketing leads to better conversions
  • Why being successful means talking with your client about what they consider a success

Quotes From This Episode

[Twitter “”How can I sell something if I can’t do it?” —@morgancarrie”]

“Even though the reach on Twitter was powerful, it wasn’t selling books.” —@morgancarrie

“All marketing isn’t the same. Just because you’re an incredible rockstar at marketing for a particular industry or using a particular tactic doesn’t mean you can sell anything for any type of client.” —@morgancarrie

[Tweet “”I’m all about integration.” —@morgancarrie”]

“Companies hear all the buzz around a specific tactic and they dive in without putting a strategy behind it or figuring out how to take the assets they have and use them to make it better.” —@morgancarrie

[Tweet “”Doing integration doesn’t have to be a huge investment of time or budget.” —@morgancarrie”]

“Even if you think you have a detailed understanding of your audience, you just never know. It’s a total crapshoot sometimes.” —@morgancarrie

“If you’re not converting, you’re not doing your clients any good. Conversion is huge. It’s everything.” —@morgancarrie

[Tweet “”Every client has different levels of what success looks like.” —@morgancarrie”]