Tamara McCleary: Why Your Personal Brand Matters

by The BK Show Podcast

Brand Yourself

Tamara McCleary, Founder and CEO of Thulium, is an internationally recognized expert on branding, relationships, influence, and conscious business. Her mission is to change lives and transform businesses by improving relationships. She is an IBM Futurist and has been ranked in the top 0.5% of global social media influencers by Klear.

Tamara believes that building a strong personal brand creates freedom and opportunity.  As technology evolves and our digital footprints become more robust, crafting a relatable story and managing your reputation is essential for both climbing the corporate ladder or starting your own company. Tamara shares her excitement for the future of technology and exuberantly explains how building a personal brand can improve your professional and private life.

Listen in as we discuss the power of personal brand building, making difficult business decisions, building relationships with and through technology, and stepping away from social media.

In This Episode

  • How personal brand building will help you succeed in business and in life
  • Why spending less time on social media will help your brand succeed
  • Why knowing your story is key to building your brand
  • Why vulnerability makes your brand more relatable

Quotes From This Episode

[tweet ““Make your brand count, in fact, make your life count.” —@tamaramccleary”]

“Always be sharing something that is valuable.” —@tamaramccleary

“Everybody has a voice now and there really isn’t a way we can’t communicate.” —@tamaramccleary

“What you have to do is spend the majority of your time actually doing the work, not spending all the time on social media.” —@tamaramccleary

“Popularity will not pay your mortgage.”—@tamaramccleary

“Building a brand means knowing your story and building and sharing that story”—@tamaramccleary