Create, Publish, Share: The Mantra of Jeff Bullas

by The BK Show Podcast

Be Visible. Be Vulnerable.

Best-selling author, top digital marketing expert, and notable content creator Jeff Bullas is somebody I have looked up to for a long time. He has a great way with words; packaging them to be succinct, educational, and entertaining all at once. This talent has served him well as he has built an epic audience and online community of over 100,000 spread all over the globe.

His road to social success is paved with Twitter, Facebook, late nights, early mornings, and keeping (to this very day!) an open and curious mind to all that social has to offer. Through determination and targeted following, he was able to transform a passion project into a full-scale business.

Between road biking, contributing to Forbes/Inc/NY Times/Huffington Post, engaging with a worldwide community that numbers in the six figures, Jeff called in from Australia to share with me his story and insights. Listen in as we discuss how he grew his blog from side-project to full-time business, what he has learned along the way, and his one tip for removing the roadblocks to your success.

In This Episode

  • The importance of finding a content distribution vehicle early
  • Why following people that are better than you helps develop your own social presence
  • How automation can create real connections and help scale your business at the same time
  • The growing relevance of analytics
  • Why striving for perfection leads to a stagnant career

Quotes From This Episode

“Twitter was my secret sauce to create top-of-the-funnel brand awareness to draw people to my blog.” —@jeffbullas

“One of the great things about sharing on social is the ability to connect you to your tribe globally.” —@jeffbullas

[Tweet “”It’s not so much about copy as it is about modeling what other people are doing.” —@jeffbullas”]

“Early on I discovered that social media was many moving parts and the only way it could really start to scale was to automate.” —@jeffbullas

“When it started, social media was really nice fluffy stuff and it was about sharing content. It resonated with the world. It resonates with us as human beings… it’s an extension of us as humanity; it is the intersection of humanity and technology. It extends us as human beings and that’s rather exciting. But you have to use the technology to be efficient.” —@jeffbullas

“It’s not just about creating noise online; it’s about turning that noise into customers.” —@jeffbullas

[Tweet “”Done is better than perfect. The magic happens when you create, publish, and share.” —@jeffbullas”]