Mindful Marketing Techniques From Lisa Nirell

by The BK Show Podcast

The Yin and Yang of How to Be Human

Award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Lisa Nirell has a transformative approach to marketing that addresses your career on a professional and personal level. As the Chief Energy Officer of EnergizeGrowth, she has spent 14 years working with hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs in 9 different countries on how to be present and mindful amid the everyday stress and chaos of marketing.

Her centered technique to create a mindful attitude has helped her clients secure $83 million in new account revenues, generate 25% growth year over year, make a full recovery from negative to cash positive income flow, and positioned new management for early success. Within all of this, she maintains her own life balance by keeping dedicated daily white space, a meditation routine, and a collection of fulfilling past times with friends.

Listen in as she shares some of her actionable tips to help you lead a more balanced and mindful life in marketing.

In This Episode

  • The importance of daily white space
  • How removing yourself from your normal routine and surroundings leads to a more creative life
  • Why finding balance means being an entrepreneur anywhere and everywhere
  • How relying heavily on technology leads to missed cues and muted intuition
  • Why pets are important mindfulness reminders

Quotes From This Episode

“Without meditation I would not make the same balanced decisions and my reactions to unpleasant circumstances would be much more extreme. It’s a great way for me to make a pause between what happened and my reaction to what happened.” —@lisa_nirell

“That is what wealth is about… creating discretionary time to do the things you love with the people you enjoy.” —@lisa_nirell

[tweet ““You’ve only got now so live and love fully.” —@lisa_nirell”]

“When I rely only on technology and data, I seem to always get myself in trouble or miss some important cues.” —@lisa_nirell

[tweet ““Create and design the life you really want. Not what somebody else wants you to do.” —@lisa_nirell”]

“Consider yourself first and foremost an entrepreneur who is out to live their passion and deliver great value to their customers.” —@lisa_nirell

[tweet ““It’s not about doing more. It’s about being more.” —@lisa_nirell”]