Cutting Through Noise and Creating Community with Jared Hendler

by The BK Show Podcast

The Power of Story

Jared Hendler has cultivated an extensive and impressive resume of global experience in branding, content development, advertising and communications, digital media and technology. He currently works as part of the leadership team at the world-renowned Sundance Institute, supervising brand strategy and messaging, growing constituencies, and launching collaborations between artists.

Jared is in the unique position of having witnessed first-hand the transition from traditional advertising to the digital world we now live in. Not only has he successfully navigated this transition, but he has used his knowledge to build a bridge from the old world to the new. His steadfast approach to storytelling has been incredibly impactful during his career and helped him keep perspective as more and more tools enter the digital marketplace.

Listen in as we discuss his own story of going from print to digital, how things change, and how some things stay the same.

In This Episode

  • How all this technology is leading us back to an old-school focus on story
  • Why success means taking time for yourself and building a candid team
  • How creating community means choosing your tools wisely
  • The value of real-world experience over formal education

Quotes From This Episode

“A lot of traditional agencies and a lot of clients weren’t understanding how to bring value to the consumer.” —@jaredhendler

[tweet ““My job is to focus on making sure that the total story is told” —@jaredhendler”]

“Despite the fact that we have a plethora of tools and all these new avenues, it’s all about the story. You’ve got to make the choice about which are the right tools to use but if you don’t have something new and interesting to say and if you haven’t found your voice, it’s not going to resonate.” —@jaredhendler

“The path that I’m on now is making sure that I’m fueling my creative spirit. That I’m doing and working on the things that inspire me the most and surround myself with the folks that help nurture that. That’s what makes me happiest.” —@jaredhendler

“Ultimately you have to settle on the things that work for you but great ideas can come from anywhere.” —@jaredhendler

[tweet ““There is a lot of fatigue around how to connect and create community in a meaningful way.” —@jaredhendler”]

“You have to offer value and have something that resonates.” —@jaredhendler