Through the Customer Lens with Dan Gingiss @dgingiss

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Dan’s first job out of college was a marketing position. What he realized was creating the ultimate customer experience – being observant and treating the customer the same way you like to be treated, is the best marketing strategy of all.


In This Episode

  • Life lessons learned from attending summer camp
  • Writing as a form of communication
  • Communicating in a way that all people can understand
  • Solving business problems through the customer lens
  • How to get everyone in an organization to care about the customer
  • Treating employees and customers as our most important asset
  • How small businesses can create the ultimate customer experience
  • There are no one size fits all solutions

Quotations From This Episode

“When we break it down into something simple, it makes it so that people can take action on it.” –.@dgingiss

“We have to have a culture where we empower people to take care of the customer.” –.@dgingiss

“Without customers, without employees, we don’t have a business.” –.@dgingiss

“Everyone is unique. All of your employees are unique. All of your customers are unique.” –.@dgingiss

“As a manager, I always tried to make sure that every person on my team that I had a relationship with them one-on-one.” –.@dgingiss

“The more we get to know our customers, the better we can serve them.” –.@dgingiss


Dan Gingiss is an international keynote speaker and coach who believes that a remarkable customer experience is your best sales and marketing strategy. His 20-year professional career included leadership positions at McDonald’s, Discover and Humana.

Dan is the author of two books, The Experience Maker and Winning at Social Customer Care, and is the host of two shows, the Experience This! podcast and The Experience Maker LinkedIn live show.


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