Defining and Achieving Innovation With Phil McKinney

by The BK Show Podcast

The Innovation Game

Phil McKinney is many things: author, nationally syndicated weekly podcaster, CTO, CEO, philanthropist, disruptor, and innovator. An award winning innovator of technologies and products used by hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide, he has also been credited with forming and leading teams that FastCompany and BusinessWeek have listed multiple times on their annual list of the “50 Most Innovative.” His 2012 book on how to make revolutionary changes, Beyond The Obvious has been translated into multiple languages. It’s safe to say that he is a true innovation specialist.

He has developed a fantastic approach to teaching innovation through the power of questions. With his guidance, you can find your way to ideas your competition has never considered and set yourself both apart from and in front of your field.

Listen in as we talk about the definition of innovation, the steps to achieve monumental change, and how you can overcome internal and external obstacles to become a game-changing revolutionary.

In This Episode

  • Why being innovative means relearning something you used to know
  • How simple questions can lead to powerfully innovative ideas when answered repeatedly
  • Why creating an innovative climate means winning over “corporate antibodies”
  • The challenge of the 90% failure rate
  • How innovation stems from teams rather than individuals

Quotes From This Episode

“100% of us are highly creative and highly innovative but our challenge is that most of us have had it taught out of us.” —@philmckinney

[tweet “”We get rewarded for conforming to the norms.” —@philmckinney”]

“To win in the innovation game, you have to think differently and look at problems in a unique and different way.” —@philmckinney

“Don’t try to be the guy out in left field. Your objective is not to win the battle. Your objective is to win the war by helping the organization deliver game-changing innovations.” —@philmckinney

“Get that early win. Show phenomenal success. Win the organization over to the innovation side.” —@philmckinney

“It’s about getting the right mix of individuals on a team that can deliver inordinate sized results relative to the resources committed to the project.” —@philmckinney