Shifts That Led to Winning with Dr. Jason Richardson

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In This Episode

  • Making an identity shift
  • Leaving room for being the benefactor of good fortune
  • Using the energy from fear to bolster the belief that was already there

Quotations From This Episode

“Confidence is not a prerequisite for success.” — @realdrjrich 

“Sometimes we set our bar too low.” — @realdrjrich

“The decision was to win!” — @realdrjrich

BiographyHumanly Possible Cover Art-Episode 24-Jason Richardson

While competing as a professional BMX Racer, Jason graduated College and continued on to earn both an MBA in Global Management and a Doctorate in Psychology.

Winning at the highest level in sport, attaining the highest level degree, and now working with the highest level performers are the foundation (and proof!) for his “More. Better. Happier.” process.

The #ChampionshipLife is about rearranging the playing field to suit your strengths, talents, and values. Success, health, and fulfillment is the aim!

Jason works closely with high-performance teams, executives, and athletes. He is also an on-air TV and broadcaster, commentating at international events for his sport – staying true to his passion.

Jason knows that being a champion increases your true impact. This begins with growing your mindset and getting to work on your new path. 

Neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, sport psychology, and good old fashion wisdom are but just a few of the ingredients Jason employs as he helps people become champions in their own lives.


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Summary Keywords

Identity, shift, fear, confidence, belief, energy, winning


Dr. Jason Richardson,  Bryan Kramer