Identifying Future Shifts with @JayBaer

by Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast


In This Episode

  • How his best friends cancer shifted Jay’s entire career
  • Why he built a virtual-only company during the early days of video conferencing
  • From being on the road 200+/- days per year… to zero

Quotations From This Episode

“Never rule anything out at this point.” — @jaybaer

“The pandemic has fundamentally rearranged how consumers make decisions.” — @jaybaer

“Customers are more willing than they would have been pre-pandemic to change horses.” — @jaybaer

BiographyJay Baer

The world’s most inspirational marketing, customer experience, and customer service keynote speaker Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame speaker and emcee. New York Times best-selling author of six books. An Internet pioneer. A 7th-generation entrepreneur. And the founder of five, multi-million dollar companies, including Convince & Convert, an experienced, highly focused analysis and advisory firm that creates effective, best-in-class digital marketing and customer experience strategies for the world’s most iconic organizations.


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