Mindset Shift Around Numbers with @JeffreyShaw1

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In This Episode

  • Putting personal development first
  • Shifting your mindset around numbers – think bigger
  • The Validation Paradox: others can see more in us than we see in ourselves

Quotations From This Episode

“The success you can have in your life is already there.” — @jeffreyshaw1

“There is a receiving to shifts.” — @jeffreyshaw1

“If we’re smart, we listen to our growth.” — @jeffreyshaw1

BiographyJeffrey Shaw

For more than three decades, Jeffrey Shaw has been one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the United States. His portraits have appeared on the Oprah Show, in People magazine, O Magazine, and hang at Harvard University and The Norman Vincent Peale Center.

When he’s not hosting Waffle Sundays at his home in Miami where friends old and new show up for homemade waffles and mimosas, Jeffrey is a small business consultant, a TEDx speaker, host of The Self Employed Life podcast with over one million downloads, and author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customers Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.


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Summary Keywords

mindset, personal development, change, think bigger


Jeffrey Shaw, Bryan Kramer