Healing by Being Seen with Jennifer Quinn @JennyQ

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Learn how JennyQ’s life transformed once she found one safe person to tell her story to and truly felt “seen” for the first time.


In This Episode

  • How JennyQ and Bryan’s friendship began
  • Finding that one safe person to open up to
  • Hiding part of ourselves away as a coping mechanism for childhood trauma
  • Feeling tremendous emotional impact after the death of her mother
  • Realizing she needed help and committing to it
  • Learning self-care and to nurture yourself
  • Losing half her body weight

Quotations From This Episode

“For the first time in my life I felt seen, and that’s when the healing could begin.” –.@JennyQ

“What I’m finding is not everybody wants to be seen, not everybody knows what it is to be seen.” –.@JennyQ

“Even in telling my story I don’t fault my parents; they were doing the best they could with what they had.” –.@JennyQ

“We think that just because people look okay on the outside, that everything’s fine.” –.@JennyQ

“I started to become more of who I really was.” –.@JennyQ

“It started with paying attention to the self-talk, and that carries you through the journey..” –.@JennyQ

“For me, it all comes down to… how can I teach someone and help them along their journey?” –.@JennyQ


Jennifer Quinn, known by her followers as JennyQ, is a podcaster, digital marketing expert, live-streaming pro and champion of her life story. She helps companies Be Seen with compelling video-driven content. Now, she’s using those talents to help individuals Be Seen with resources to transform their life.

In 2021, JennyQ launched “Being Seen.” A podcast designed to take listeners on the journey of what happens when you allow yourself to be seen by others for what you are and the incredible transformation that will follow. JennyQ knows firsthand.


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Jennifer Quinn, Bryan Kramer