Turn the Lens on Yourself with Stephanie Cenedella

by Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast


Learn how Stephanie turned the lens on herself, tapped into her personal story, and now uses that experience combined with her branding and marketing background to help others define and weave storyline into a powerful offer.


In This Episode

  • Making the shift from the profit-based space to the purpose-based space
  • Stepping away from a lucrative business and stepping into her truth
  • Finding out as a teen her dad was a closeted gay man
  • Owning our voice
  • Rolling the red carpet out of our story

Quotations From This Episode

“It was really turning the lens on myself for the first time.” .@skcenedella

“I wasn’t owning my story; I was just focused on profit and money and how important that was.” .@skcenedella

“It’s also about… leading a joyful, happy life that feels really fulfilling and exciting.” .@skcenedella

“At that point in my life I just felt like, am I really making good noise, and I didn’t feel like I was.” .@skcenedella

“I want to weave it into individuals that really deserve to own who they are.” .@skcenedella

“It’s very much about crafting story that then will make connection.” .@skcenedella

“Everyone deserves to own and live their story.” .@skcenedella

“Hold that life microphone with two hands.” .@skcenedella


As a consultant, Stephanie Cenedella works with individuals to define and weave storyline into a powerful offer. She serves individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and executives to pull themselves out of the margins, to fast track the most profound authentic stories into profits.

Stephanie spent 20+ years working with Fortune 500 brands such as: Keebler Company, Jockey International, Kraft General Foods, Helene Curtis and many more. She has served as Brand Expert on advisory boards for: The Reverie Theater Company (Chicago, IL), Friends School (Boulder, CO), and The Women of Denver.

Married 25 years to her rock star husband, they are outrageously proud of their two college kids who continue to craft their personal stories.


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Summary Keywords

truth, voice, story, owning, vulnerability, connection


Stephanie Cenedella, Bryan Kramer