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After high school, Ken pursued various educational and career interests before being referred to a CTI course by a client where he found a home and eventually his calling to work with men.


In This Episode

  • A vivid memory from a very young age
  • Pursuing a passion for work that he wanted to do in ‘real life’
  • Lessons learned about himself and other people while working in the food industry
  • First leap as an entrepreneur – co-creating an in-home personal fitness training business with his sister
  • The major shift that happened when he attended the initial CTI Fundamentals course
  • Stepping away from his CTI leadership role to answer the calling to work with men
  • Developing the IAM program – Integrated Adult Man

Quotations From This Episode

“I really learned that a big piece of success for me anyway, was doing something that I was absolutely passionate about.” –.@KenCMossman

“As long as one is breathing, you know, this is real life, it doesn’t get any more real than this right now.” –.@KenCMossman

“I learned that I had a both an imagination and a mind.” –.@KenCMossman

“I learned a thing or two about patience and stick-to-itiveness. –.@KenCMossman

“I discovered the world of coaching through the work that I did in the fitness industry.” –.@KenCMossman

“Within about the first half hour or so, I just knew that I’d found home and talk about a shift in that first course.” –.@KenCMossman

“There’s not a relationship that I can think of that hasn’t been positively impacted by that [CTI] work.” –.@KenCMossman

“There’s this developmental journey to take and unwrap and unwind and to look at the messages that come, regardless of where they come from. –.@KenCMossman

“I’m not going to impose my definition of what it is to be a man on someone else.” –.@KenCMossman


Ken Mossman is an executive and personal coach who’s specialized in working with men for almost two decades. He works with an international clientele from such diverse industries as finance, higher education, law, entertainment, medicine, venture capital, technology, entrepreneurship and the arts. Ken helps clients enhance their presence, focus and leadership by developing their capacity to respond creatively to whatever is presenting itself in the moment. He also helps men develop and master their emotional literacy, fluency and flexibility so they can connect and communicate with the people around them more powerfully.

By taking ownership of their own innate creativity and wisdom, Ken’s clients better lead, serve – and enjoy – their organizations, communities, businesses, families and, of course, their own lives.

Ken has over thirty years of experience in facilitation, leadership and curriculum design.  His coaching and leadership style is intuitive, incisive, irreverent, more than occasionally provocative – and always fun and engaging.  He is a senior faculty member and curriculum designer for CTI and has been leading their coach-training programs since 2005.  He spent fifteen years as a leader and supervisor in CTI’s Certification Program.  Ken has gained a reputation among his students and colleagues as a heart-centered, compassionate holder of a higher bar of learning.


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