Letting Go and Letting In with @UweDockhorn

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Finding himself broken as a young man after the death of his uncle and father, Uwe could find no reason for being in this world anymore, until a small light inside brought him back from the edge and put him on a transformational path to help himself and others.
*Trigger Warning: In this episode we talk about child sexual abuse and surviving a suicide attempt which may be alarming to some listeners.


In This Episode

  • Carrying the weight of being sexually abused as a young boy
  • Feeling something inside for the first time since his father died that prevented a suicide attempt
  • Understanding the importance of letting go and letting in
  • Identifying and facing your core elephant thinking
  • Cracking the code of your own transformation
  • What an individual evaluation session with Uwe may be like
  • Discovering our own independence and respecting it in others
  • The internal transformation and personal growth that led to developing the AIM System™

Quotations From This Episode

“At that moment, something happened. While everything else was pitch black, inside and out, I saw a tiny little light inside me.” –.@uwedockhorn

“We are so focused on letting go, that we miss the opportunity to consciously bring in what is there in that very moment to help you.” –.@uwedockhorn

“Letting go and letting in… it’s kind of like a switch… click, and instantly you have access to all the resources inside of you.” –.@uwedockhorn

“It’s really those sticky false beliefs that we carry on kind of like sitting the 800-pound gorilla on our shoulders, and we’re not even aware of them.” –.@uwedockhorn

“If we don’t find or discover our own independence, how can we expect to show it to others, or respect others in their independence? –.@uwedockhorn

“Getting rid of all dependencies and really stepping into your independence is so important.” –.@uwedockhorn

“The only thing you have to remember is to honor it, to honor your true self, to honor your independence, because that comes voluntarily.” –.@uwedockhorn


Uwe Dockhorn is known as the Lifestyle Liberator and has delivered over 15,000 coaching sessions worldwide in the last 12 years.

He is the founder of The AIM System™: A simple 3-step life-changing experience for in-demand professionals who want to get back their family mojo, double their financial security, and live in abundance in all areas of their life without feeling guilty or constantly questioning themselves.


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