Say Yes to a Bigger Life with @LauraMcKowen

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In This Episode

  • Stepping into sobriety – releasing the pain and shame
  • Doing something now that’s in service of where you want to go
  • Humility – thinking about yourself less
  • Taking pleasure in the simplicity of life and the little things

Quotations From This Episode

“We want what we want when we want it sometimes.” — .@LauraMcKowen

“Little things can make an extraordinary impact over time.” —  .@LauraMcKowen

“What we put our attention on grows and we attract what we put out.” —  .@LauraMcKowen

“I want to be very clear and simple about what I’m here for.” —  .@LauraMcKowen

BiographyLaura McKowen

Laura McKowen had a long, successful career in public relations and the Mad Men-esque drinking culture of advertising. After getting sober, she quickly became recognized as a fresh voice in recovery, beloved for her soulful and irreverent writing online and in print. She now leads sold out retreats and courses, teaching people how to say yes to a bigger life. She lives outside Boston, Massachusetts with her daughter.

Laura writes an award-winning blog and hosted the iTunes Top 100 HOME podcast. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, WebMD, Psychology Today, the TODAY show, The Doctors, and more.

Laura has an MBA from Babson College and spent 15 years in advertising managing million-dollar accounts for Fortune 100 companies before transitioning to writing and teaching. She’s the founder of several online programs for sobriety and personal development, The Luckiest Club, a sobriety support community, and she teaches workshops and retreats all over the U.S.

Her first book, We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life, released in January 2020 and was an instant bestseller. Laura is represented by Jamie Carr at The Book Group.


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Summary Keywords

sobriety, recovery, honesty, humility, personal development, simplicity


Laura McKowen, Bryan Kramer