Good Comes First with @MarkSBabbitt

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Finding himself a single father of four overnight, learn how Mark became a good father, successful entrepreneur, and discovered his purpose to make the workplace a better place.



In This Episode

  • A life lesson learned from being raised in a small town
  • Coaching baseball for 35 years: fostering family and creating a culture
  • Sense of urgency vs. sense of outrage
  • Finding himself a single father of four
  • Realizing he could be a good father AND an entrepreneur
  • Leaving Silicon Valley and moving to the mountains
  • Setting a precedent to be a family-oriented business
  • Fulfilling his purpose to make the workplace a better place
  • The writing and titling of “Good Comes First”

Quotations From This Episode

“At a very young age, I learned that your friends are who you’re with right now.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“If someone isn’t aligned with your values, doesn’t fit your view of  your perception of the mission, the vision, they can’t work with you.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“One of the great things about this 18-20 month stay at home thing has been we just we kind of get to watch from afar.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“There have been moments where it’s just been inspiring to watch people rise to the occasion.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“It’s hard to feel a constant sense of urgency, but it’s pretty easy to feel a constant sense of outrage.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“I wanted to raise my own kids and I figured out for me what is to this day, has been the biggest shift I’ve ever had to deal with overnight.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“It wasn’t just a shift for us it was a shift for the entire company, we became family oriented.” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“Why can’t we find a way to make work both profitable for the company and fulfilling for the employee?” –.@MarkSBabbitt

“We knew about servant leadership, but we hadn’t figured out how important servant purpose was.” –.@MarkSBabbitt


Mark S. Babbitt is a speaker, author, blogger, culture architect, executive coach, and career mentor. He serves as President of WorqIQ and CEO and Founder of YouTern.

Mark’s new book, written with S. Chris Edmonds, is titled Good Comes First: How Today’s Leaders Create an Uncompromising Company Culture That Doesn’t Suck, was released on September 28, 2021, and is already an Amazon bestseller. He also co-authored the bestseller A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive.

Followers find Mark’s advice in Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and many other publications. An in-demand speaker, Mark was named one of Inc. Magazines’ Top 100 Leadership Speakers.


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