How to Amplify Your Creative Voice With Porter Gale

by The BK Show Podcast

Porter Gale joins the Bryan Kramer for the third episode of the BK Show, deconstructing human behavior to find tactics and tools to create peak performance. The wisdom and experience Porter brings to the podcast is varied and unique. She currently serves as an advisor to twelve different start-ups while serving as General Manager at Marketing Vertical. She is also author of one of Bryan’s favorite books: “Your Network is Your Net Worth”. Prior to working in business, Porter was a documentary filmmaker and commercial director with her work having been aired on Lifetime, PBS, and Channel 4/England.

Porter reveals herself with much honesty and little ego as she describes her own personal struggle with that very human battle between faith and fear. Such honesty allows her to speak with authority about self-belief, fighting personal demons, and finding creativity within yourself. She believes that everyone has a kind of creativity within; it’s simply a matter of believing in it, owning it, and discovering how it should be manifested. Such honesty also allows for listeners to connect both with Porter, and with that space within their own selves.

Join Porter and Bryan as they discuss a typical day with Porter, how the intern today can become the CEO of tomorrow, and what it takes to make a true connection with other people.

In This Episode

  • Nurturing a community to keep you motivated and inspired
  • Developing extroversion for the introvert
  • The crucial importance of asking for help
  • Finding the creative voice within each of us
  • Not leaving before the miracle
  • Why the golden rule is more important now than ever before
  • Best advice for young entrepreneurs

“Think about how you are treating other people. It’s that old golden rule and it’s more important now than ever before. The world is actually getting much smaller in terms of connections. We used to be six degrees of Kevin Bacon, now we’re three degrees of Bryan Kramer. Things happen much more rapidly and so how we’re acting and behaving and the transparency of what we do on and off line is really important.” @portergale

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“We all have some sort of creativity within us and it’s really allowing yourself to own it. Actually say, ‘I’m a filmmaker’, ‘I’m an author’, or whatever it is and being proud of it. I think sometimes those little voices in our head say, ‘you’re less than and why would someone accept you for this talent or this ability? You’re not as good as other people.’ When the fact is we all are bringing something to the table and we just need to really believe in ourselves.” @portergale

“Before, it was more of a ladder and hierarchical. Now life is more democratic and flat. I think people recognize that the intern today is the CEO tomorrow, and that great talent and smarts can really come from anywhere. So, people are really supportive if you ask and add value back.” @portergale

“I grew up in the Midwest and for some reason, the mantra in my head was, ‘you can do it all by yourself. Don’t ask for help. Do it, be strong.’ It was kind of this stoic Midwestern point of view. I didn’t’ realize that wasn’t beneficial to me or the people I was working with. I didn’t realize that collaborating and being part of a team is really powerful.” @portergale