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Replay #H2HChat UFC Takes Their Gloves Off and Shares How They Do Social

We talk about communities a lot on #H2HChat. But this week we’re taking it to a whole new level as Bryan and Suzie talk with Shanda Maloney, Digital Marketing & Social Media Director at Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC has one of the most passionate fan bases around and they are unbeatable when it comes to innovative uses of social media in community engagement.

They made headlines in 2011 when they institute a Twitter bonus program for their fighters to encourage them to build up their social audience. Think about it. 2011. Twitter was still barely a blip on the radar for most of the athletic world. But UFC saw the opportunity to increase their brand personality and human interaction by putting their Fighters front and center on social media and boy has it paid off! Just look at the social media impact of the Rousey vs Holm fight on their personal accounts. [attached screenshot] Both had a dramatic increase in followers with newcomer Holm experiencing a 289.1% increase between 11/12 and 11/18.

During this week’s #H2HChat Bryan and Suzie will talk with Shanda about UFC’s long history of innovation in social and get a sneak peek about what they have in store for us next! Don’t miss it.

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