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Replay #H2HChat How to be a Smarter Sharer with Ian Cleary

In once second there are over 6,000 tweets sent, 46,000 YouTube videos viewed and over 500,000 Facebook Likes generated. Just click here [] it’ll blow your mind. Over the past few chats we’ve discussed the importance of content. Yet with all of this traffic it can seem daunting to even find content much less your target community. This is one reason social media tools and technology are now an essential component to any social strategy. The right tools can enable to you to harness the potential of your community to take your sharing and content to the next level. But once again we are faced with a glut of data. Thanks to the surge in demand there are hundreds of tools that promise to deliver that midas touch to your community. Join Bryan and Suzie as they interview Ian Cleary, CEO of RazorSocial and one of the leading global expert in social media tools to learn how to distinguish between these tools and find the ones that will empower your community.

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