By Bryan Kramer | #H2HChat

Replay #H2HChat LIVE from IBM Insight The Role of Technology in the Future of Social Business

We are in an age of rapid growth in technological innovation. While this progress creates exciting and unparalleled opportunities for businesses, it also generates its’ own sets of challenges both internally and externally. Employees entering the workforce expect access to technology and the ability work remotely with a seamless experience. Customers expect brands to engage them through digital experiences on whatever channel they choose. But ultimately social business is not about technological innovation, it’s about how technology empowers a business to harness their entire network.

This special #H2HChat recorded LIVE from #IBMInsight where we’ll be chatting with experts Bernie Borges, Jennifer McClure, and Dion Hinchcliffe about their take on where technology belongs in the future of social business. 

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