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Replay #H2HChat Scaling Growth through Human Connections with @BrianMoran

How many times has this happened to you? You go to a conference, hear a line-up of great panels talking about taking your business to the next level through social selling or connecting, and take copious notes in that brand new moleskin. Yep that’s the one- lying there on that shelf in your office with a nice coating of dust full of big ideas and intentions that quickly fell by the wayside as soon as you checked your emails alongside a stack of business cards that you’ll get to.

We’ve all been there. It takes time to build a social strategy and implement social selling and all too often that’s time that we just don’t seem to have. This week features guest Brian Moran, a leader with a wide background ranging from publishing at the Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine, to assisting entrepreneurs with everything from social media to expanding into the the global marketplace with the focus of efficiency.

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