Making Shifts to Reach Your Goal with Rudy Ruettiger

by Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast


In This Episode

  • How he worked his way to Notre Dame despite mounting odds
  • How he made it into the heart of the Yankees
  • How he eliminated the hate, anger and jealousy from the past
  • His process of eliminating bad thought processes
  • Changing tactics to still reach the same outcome

Quotes From This Episode

“If you can breathe, you’re in.” –  @RUDYINT45

“When you have confidence, your dreams come back.” – @RUDYINT45

“I was willing to change and go a different way to still reach the outcome.” – @RUDYINT45

“You may get seconds to change your life, but those seconds can change a bunch of people’s lives, and that journey took ten years.” – @RUDYINT45

“I get gratitude from watching other people change before my eyes.” – @RUDYINT45


Rudy Ruettiger is a motivational speaker and author who played college football at the University of Notre Dame. His early life and career at Notre Dame were the inspiration for the 1993 film Rudy.


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