Using Confidence and Competence to Launch Your Career With Terry Brock

by The BK Show Podcast

Competence + Confidence

Terry Brock is more than just a social media marketing speaker, or a technology trends expert.

He is a globally-connected leading authority who works with organizations that want to leverage technology and deploy social media tools for more customer engagement, productivity, and increased profitability. A Hall of Fame Speaker (a designation awarded to less than 1% of speakers in the world), he regularly delights audiences with entertaining and information-rich presentations which help solve real-world problems based on his 30+ years experience.

Terry earned an MBA in marketing and leverages his background in journalism and education in live presentations all over the world. He is a virtual presentation expert, allowing him to break the bonds of distance and time to serve clients according to their needs.

From social media to mobile office applications, Terry brings a wealth of knowledge and a sense of history to empower even the most timid user to explore new possibilities.

Listen in as we discuss how listening, technology, and self-observation empowers relationship marketing and human connection.  

In This Episode

  • How listening and leveraging technology leads to achieving goals, solving problems, and staying human
  • Why successful content marketing means researching problems, listening, and focusing on helping
  • How competence, confidence, and failing fast leads to overcoming fears of connecting
  • Why  being a Hall of Fame Speaker means a lot of listening, speaking, and recording yourself

Quotes From This Episode

[Tweet “”We need to grow bigger ears and listen more carefully to where people have their problems.” —@TerryBrock”]

“It’s a matter of scaling it as well as being right in the fundamentals of really caring for people.” —@TerryBrock

“Jay Baer talks about how ‘helping is the new selling’.” —@TerryBrock

“We gotta find out what people want, where their problems are, and then work with it.” —@TerryBrock

[Tweet “”You, too, are a human being and you’re going to have fear.” —@TerryBrock”]

“You overcome fear by replacing it with a lot of competence.” —@TerryBrock

“We learn a lot by taking lots of small steps.” —@TerryBrock

“The best speakers regularly go back to the basics, get feedback, and find people who can help them.” —@TerryBrock

[Tweet “”We have to retain humility and always have a thirsty mind to learn and grasp new information.” —@TerryBrock”]

“There are wonderful opportunities if we know what to do and how to grasp them by continually educating ourselves, by being out there in front of other people, being with them, and helping them.” —@TerryBrock

[Tweet “”Instead of blasting people you want to engage them where they are.” —@TerryBrock”]

“Every day… learn. Saturate your mind with good content.” —@TerryBrock