Flipping the Script with Val Ries

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Learn how Val flipped the script on her own frustrating negative thoughts and her 3-step formula for handling challenging conversations with anyone.


In This Episode

  • The power of reframing
  • Understanding yourself
  • Knowing what your team is craving
  • Getting really clear with what you want
  • Mastering the art of challenging conversations
  • CRAVE – connection, reliability, appreciation, value and effective communication
  • Can you be a friend and a manager, and can you be effective?

Quotations From This Episode

“How can I be as inspirational, as impactful, and as effective as I want to be?” –Val Ries

“What excites me is the idea of teaching leaders how to get the most out of people so that their time at work is enjoyable.” –Val Ries

“As a leader, what I want to do is help you celebrate and recognize what your gifts are.” –Val Ries

“If you can inspire yourself, then you’ll be able to inspire others.” –Val Ries

“When you are recognizing the things that people crave, you naturally will give them more of what they need.” –Val Ries

“How safe do people feel approaching you?” –Val Ries

“It’s easier to go into conversations that are difficult, maybe heavy, if at first your emotions aren’t the ones taking over.” –Val Ries


Val Ries is the founder of Executive Muse, a leadership training and coaching company. And the Author of Chief Inspiration Officer: How to Lead the Team Everyone Wants to Be On.

Hundreds of companies, small and large, like Facebook, Citrix and Gonzaga University have partnered with Val to transform their culture, increase employee engagement and develop their leaders.


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