Pulling the Ripcord with Carlos Hildago @cahidalgo

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In This Episode

  • How a friend’s bold statement gave him the sign he needed to make a big change
  • Running from shame for decades
  • Overcoming the life story of “I can’t”
  • Getting back to who he was really created to be
  • Forgiveness, redemption, a new life

Quotations From This Episode

“When you pursue something that is not who you’re meant to be, it really mucks up your purpose.” – .@cahidalgo 

“If we could impact one life, then all of it was worth it.” – .@cahidalgo 

“Everything is redeemable.” — .@cahidalgo 

“What does your life design look like?” — .@cahidalgo 

“I’m going to live purpose over profit.” — .@cahidalgo


Carlos Hidalgo is a Life Design Coach, two-time author, TEDx, and international keynote speaker.

Over the span of the last 25 years, Hidalgo has held corporate roles, started his own entrepreneurial ventures and served in non-profits, and is now dedicated to helping others design a life they love to live every day through his coaching.

Carlos’ last book The UnAmerican Dream details his journey from a workaholic to a life designed by boundaries.


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Summary Keywords

overcoming, shame, forgiveness, redemption, boundaries, purpose, life design


Carlos Hidalgo, Bryan Kramer