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In This Episode

  • Significant role grandparent’s encouragement played in life
  • From class disruptor to U.S. Marine Corps
  • Playing chess – strategic advancement in the corporate world
  • Understanding your own value and worth
  • Lessons learned from a failed business venture
  • Overcoming feeling unfulfilled due to the lack of a positive male role model
  • The 5 Pillars

Quotations From This Episode

“You can do anything you apply yourself to.” – .@nealconlon 

“Stress comes in checkers.” – .@nealconlon 

“What would happen if you were running just to run?” — .@nealconlon 

“There is no pass or fail… what we’re learning is discernment.” — .@nealconlon 

“The best way to support women is to educate the men.” — .@nealconlon


Neal Conlon is an entrepreneur with a focus on growth hacking, leveraging data, and purposely inspiring others to not let the obstacles in a rapidly changing world of tech limit their opportunities. In the last few years, he has pivoted his focus to learning how he can share his years of self-development to empower others to get better, quicker, faster, and to master themselves and the skills to be successful.

Neal’s Press Forward program is an immersive program built for men looking to make real change while still maintaining their busy lives. The program is built to be sustainable and to implement and integrate change in your life now and forward.


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