Fulfilling Your Purpose with Kvon Tucker

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Learn how being nudged to attend a 3-day course on coaching training became life transformational for Kvon and led him to the purpose filled path he is on today.


In This Episode

  • Receiving the nudge to go to coaching training
  • Finding his life purpose
  • Creating Consciously, a channel to do coaching work 
  • Enjoying the journey
  • The opportunities that came from pursuing more purposeful work
  • What makes a leader a better leader?
  • Developing a purpose statement
  • Learning to be loving leaders who accept and appreciate the differences of people 
  • Kvon’s vision for the future of Consciously

Quotations From This Episode

“[I] feel so grateful that mentor pointed me in that direction.”–Kvon Tucker

“Some people’s journeys go faster, some people’s journeys take longer; but it’s been an amazing journey for me.” –Kvon Tucker

“Rewarding and challenging is kind of, I think, the mantra for doing purposeful work.” –Kvon Tucker

“A loving leader is someone who is centered on supporting people, listening to them, helping them grow.” –Kvon Tucker

“I want to encourage folks to love the people that they’re leading on purpose.” –Kvon Tucker

“I want Consciously to become a purpose driven coaching platform.” –Kvon Tucker


Kvon Tucker is the CEO & Co-founder of Consciously, a collective centered on the idea that the more you live your life on purpose, the more good you create for yourself and others.

Kvon is a Fortune 500 Executive & Leadership Coach, Spiritual Abolitionist, and co-conspirator towards awakening people to their own truth and purpose.


  • Website: https://consciously.one/
  • Instagram: @consciously_kvon
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