Replay #H2HChat Creating Magical Moments of Customer Experience

by #H2HChat

“It’s the little things that matter.” That’s a phrase that seems to pop up a lot when it comes to customer service and experience. These little things constitute “human touches” which trigger emotions that make us remember and favor certain instances over others.

From a hand-written thank-you note to being given a direct-to-human help number, these moments stand out in our memory. Customers now have more choices between brands and services than ever before. The competitive edge is given to the company with the best customer experience and as such, these human personal touches can no longer be reserved for the VIPs.

In this special H2HChat, Bryan and Suzie talk with customer service expert Shep Hyken about how companies can create magical customer experiences for their customers to keep them coming back for more. Listen in and get the best tips from @Hyken about how customer service is a philosophy not a business department.