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Replay #H2HChat How Comedy and Marketing Can Work Together

Humans. Like it or not, we’re pretty funny creatures and we like to laugh at ourselves. For proof one need look no further than the wildly popular sitcom genre based on the simple premise that the day-to-day antics of a group of “Friends” would strike our funny bone and subsequently engage us emotionally.

Humor humanizes. So it’s a pretty big irony that within the public space it’s often seen as a third rail where the risks are perceived as outweighing the benefits. We talk about needing to create a 360 degree brand personality so how can we successfully add humor to the mix?

In this week’s H2HChat, Bryan and Suzie chat with professional funnyman David Nihill, founder of writer platform and conference series FunnyBizz and author of the bestselling book, Do You Talk Funny. So get ready to breakout your funny nose and glasses because David indeed likes to practice what he preaches!

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