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Replay #H2HChat How to Build an Epic Online Community

Social media marketing revolves around community. The success of any social media campaign is directly proportional to it’s reception by your community. It’s for this reason that super stars such as Lady Gaga have had such a seamless transition to social media rock-stardom. They already had an adoring fanbase or “community” hanging on her every word which she could activate to accomplish goals like her anti-bullying campaigns.

But for those of us non-celebrities, the challenge of community building can be daunting particularly as a brand with the ultimate goal of some type of conversion (sales, exposure, lead-gen, etc). Moreover, at this point there are many notable examples of brands successfully building communities to achieve their goals and in many ways that make it more difficult. The pressure is on us to deliver results. But the reality is that building a community takes time.

During our next H2HChat, Suzie will host two experts in the area of community building to discuss how they’ve confronted these challenges, successes and failures, and tips for embarking on a community building campaign. So make sure you’re in note-taking mode for this one and please come armed with questions!

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