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Replay #H2HChat The Internet of Mysterious Things with Lisa Seacat DeLuca

The Internet of Mysterious Things with Lisa Seacat DeLuca

Creativity is not only a calling for artists, composers, or advertisers. When applied to technology, creativity becomes a massive source of revolutionary inventions and innovations that do not only change the world today but also pave the way to an extremely promising future. So how do you develop that sense of creativity that will impact your personal and professional life including the rest of humanity?

Lisa Seacat DeLuca is an IBM Technology Strategist who has been with the company for about 13 years. She is also IBM’s most prolific inventor and was able to file 650 patent applications with 250 or so granted so far. As a software engineer, she spends her time tinkering with things and “playing” with technology. She and Bryan were in the same TED talk where they first met and clicked from there. Interestingly, she is a mother to two sets of twins.

In This Episode 

  • The hows of patent application from idea generation, online research, innovation, presentation, legal documentation, to approval
  • How working in an innovation-oriented environment such as IBM boosts one’s creative abilities
  • The must-have ingredients towards achieving creative balance including a supportive team and family set-up
  • What makes for a great inventor and the future of invention technology
  • Books authored by Lisa with her technological twist in her second children’s book entitled, “The Internet of Mysterious Things” which links the physical book to the online world
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence in relation to connectedness technology, privacy and security risks, and self-aware or smart sensors development
  • How to nurture your creativity and innovativeness daily
  • How strategic design thinking empowers designers and other creative thinkers
  • Why Lisa has continued to work at IBM and hasn’t created her own business yet

Quotes From this Episode 

“Sometimes, I’ll find my idea already exist…it’s a challenge for me to kinda shift it and come up with something that doesn’t exist…” – Lisa DeLuca

“One of my favorite things about inventing is it doesn’t matter who you are…everybody starts from the same ground level…” – Lisa DeLuca

“The ones that are great [inventors] can take an idea and see the oppportunity for invention in anything even the things that already exist…morphing an idea into something bigger.” – Lisa DeLuca

“How we need to put down our smartphones and our tablets so we don’t miss out on these creatures [things that really matter like our children]” – Lisa DeLuca on her book, “The Internet of Mysterious Things”

“I block off my own calendar…and that gives me time to just THINK and to have ALONE time…and that helps me be creative.” – Lisa DeLuca

“It’d be fun to start my own business…it’s just finding the right one and the right time…[something] no one has ever seen before.” – Lisa DeLuca



Lisa Seacat DeLuca:

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Instagram – @cpup22

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The Internet of Mysterious Things:


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