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Replay #H2HChat Shareology Edition: Influencer Relationships: The New Marketing Fuel?

The Sharing Economy is more than goods and services. It’s also about a flow of information. We turn to sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to plan our vacations and nights on the town and use Amazon Reviews to decide between similar products. And yet even in this world of information-overload, we still place significant value on the opinion of those we trust. A personal recommendation from someone that is perceived as an expert can be worth 1,000 reviews. Even beyond referral business, ongoing engagement with market influencers ends up being a two-way street, helping a company get strategically valuable insights about future of their industry. If a Brand can harness this, it represents a powerful source of insights and social media marketing ROI.

In this #H2HChat, Bryan Kramer chats with Sam Fiorella and Marshall Kirkpatrick, both Influencer Marketing experts about the practicalities of Influencer Marketing implementation.

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