Stepping Up No Matter What with Tina Meyers

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In This Episode

  • Stepping up in the face of anxiety
  • Listening to your body
  • From Litigator to Spiritual Psychologist
  • Feeling fully, authentically yourself
  • Being an open-hearted warrior

Quotations From This Episode

“You need to listen to your body right now for survival.” — Tina Meyers 

“Even when I think I’m hiding, I’m still having an impact.” — Tina Meyers   

“Intuition is a superpower.” — Tina Meyers   

“The feminine energy in both women and men… is so magical.” — Tina Meyers   

“I have a vision for the world that the patriarchy is dissolving.” — Tina Meyers 


As an intuitive coach and feminine leadership facilitator, Tina Meyers calls forth aliveness and open-hearted leadership in her clients. She is a former environmental and social justice attorney turned coach and champion of the human spirit. Tina coaches high-performing women advocates and leaders, designs and leads feminine leadership programs for nonprofits, and is the founder of Women Advocates Rising and Warrior School. She also leads transformational coach training courses for the leadership development company, Co-Active Training Institute. She has a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, loves hip-hop dancing, is obsessed with personal growth, and lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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Summary Keywords

anxiety, intuition, listening, authenticity, energy, warrior


Tina Meyers, Bryan Kramer