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Replay #H2HChat How to Create a Healthy Sales and Marketing Pipeline with Jon Ferrara

Gone are the days when cold-calling seem to be the only effective option in attracting customers to buy your product. With various technological and social tools available in the market, relationship-building is now at the core of every sales and marketing platform. It isn’t even about just sales and marketing anymore. It’s about creating a synergy of people inside and outside of your company or organization and helping each other with personal goals that eventually lead to business success. Growing your business isn’t a separate aspect of your life. Build an authentic and helpful relationship with others like they are part of your inner circle and “customers” themselves will be the ones giving you that call.

Jon Ferrara is not only a Relationship Management and CRM entrepreneur; he practices what he preaches and makes his life an exciting, living example of his success. He co-founded the earlier pioneers of Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) and Sales Force Automation business applications through GoldMine Software Corp. He revolutionized CRM with his recent venture,, by allowing you to integrate your business and bring it with you wherever you are and into whatever application you are using. Ferrara is one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Salespeople In The World.

In this Episode

  • How Jon started GoldMine from scratch, his home environment, mentors, influences, struggles
  • The transition from cold-calling, note-taking, spreadsheets to email-contact-calendar-sales automation integration as a sales process
  • How to communicate ideas or sell a brand using core influencer marketing, letting people use or experience it, spreading your story, sharing content, welcoming feedback, and building a tribe
  • Jon’s pivotal experience that changed his life perspective and the way he did business
  • Nimble as a one-stop shop kind of tool for email, contact, calender, people, company data, and daily insights to use for any business app wherever you need to be
  • The importance of follow up, follow through, and doing what you need done everyday
  • How to avoid over-connecting or over-communicating by establishing real connections, adding value, building trust, and delivering as promised
  • Why service is the new selling
  • The essential F”s of business by Jon Ferrara
  • Relationship tools to use for your sales pipeline and sales goals
  • How to effectively reach out and build a community through conversation without the need for cold-calling
  • Why connecting inclusively with different types of people (like or unlike-mind) and building a tribe are critical to growing your business
  • How attracting a garden of people to your business and unifying relationships contribute to sustainability


Quotes From this Episode (including tweetable quotes)

“I think the only way we could be successful in the future, is by gathering with other people and doing just what we’re doing right now, sharing our voice, our concerns, our passions…” – Jon Ferrara

“…And I vowed to myself, I would never be in sales because I didn’t wanna be my dad” – Jon Ferrara

“If you have an opportunity in life, you need to step through that door, and take that chance…and I started Goldmine” – Jon Ferrara

“And so what I did was I figured out, who is the influencer of my core customer.” – Jon Ferrara

“I got them to use Goldmine, because people sell what they know and they know what they use and then they started to resell it…” – Jon Ferrara

“And so I just started telling stories and other people started to tell those stories and today they call that Influencer Marketing.” – Jon Ferrara

“You got to build a tribe around yourself in order to achieve the goals that you want in life.” – Jon Ferrara

[Tweet ““We’re on this planet to grow our souls and help other people grow theirs.” – @Jon_Ferrara”]

“If you do what you say you’re going to do on a daily basis, you’re gonna win.” – Jon Ferrera

“Life isn’t about is about the 5 F’s: family, friends, food, fun, and frolicking.” – Jon Ferrara

“Business is about aligning the promises you make to the experiences that you deliver and ideally that goal is serving others and helping them grow.” – Jon Ferrara

[Tweet ““For me to grow, I have to connect with people of like and unlike-mind.” – @Jon_Ferrara.”]

“The reason why we’re all so addicted to the phone is because we’re hungry. We’re hungry to be heard and to be connected with.” – Jon Ferrara

“If you want to achieve in business today…you need to build that tribe.” – Jon Ferrara

[Tweet ““There is real power in that network that we’re creating in Instagram.” – @Jon_Ferrara”]

“When it does feel like that [self-promoting], you just gotta to back off…you know the edges, stay away from it.” – Jon Ferrara

“Enter every relationship with the intent to listen and learn how you might help that other person achieve their goals in life.” – Jon Ferrara

[Tweet ““Winning is being surround by people who love and care about you.” – @Jon_Ferrara”]


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